Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Treasure Data, Inc.

Jun 2021 – Present Mountain View, California, USA
I rejoined Treasure Data as CEO, together with Hironobu Yoshikawa (Chairman) and Dan Weirich (COO/CFO). On the journey to scale the company to $1b ARR, as a Softbank Vision Fund portfolio company.

VP of Technology, Data Services Business Unit

Arm, Ltd.

Jul 2018 – Oct 2020 San Jose, California, USA

I joined Arm Limited, a global semiconductor and software design company owned by the SoftBank Group, through their acquisition of Treasure Data, Inc. at 2018/07, and became VP of Technology of Data Services Business Unit.

As a founder of the company, I worked hard on PMI (Post Merger Integration) in many areas like Culture, HR, Product, Engineering, Customer Support, IT, and other various areas.


Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Treasure Data, Inc.

Sep 2012 – Jul 2018 Mountain View, California, USA

Hironobu Yoshikawa, Sadayuki Furuhashi, and myself has founded Treasure Data, Inc. We have scaled from zero to $100m annual recurring business in 9 years and acquired by Arm Limited.

As a founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer), I was in charge of Product Management, Engineering, and Customer Support plus working very closely with adjacent areas like Sales & Marketing. The achievements include:

  • Built $100m B2B SaaS Business: Acquired 500+ customers (average $200k annual contract), and met with 300+ customers face-to-face.
  • Raised $54.1m from leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firms: Worked with Bill Tai, Tim Guleri @ Sierra Ventures, Andy Vitus @ Scale Ventures, Nick Adams & Jerry Yang @ AME Cloud Ventures, Dan Scheinman, Eric Yuan, James Lindenbaum, Peter Szulczewski, Danny Zhang, Anand Babu Periasamy and so many more venture capitalists and enterpreneurs (Crunchbase).
  • Built Product Vision and Roadmap: Have delivered category-winning product in CDP (Customer Data Platform). The product was selected as “Best CDP Solution” amongst 120+ other competitive products.
  • Built Global Product, Engineering, and Customer Support Team: Built the global organization with core locations at Mountain View (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Vancouver (Canada), and Cambridge (UK).

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Preferred Infrastructure

Jun 2006 – Aug 2011 Tokyo, Japan
I was a 6th member of Preferred Infrastructure, currently known as Preferred Networks, a leading AI company in Japan and later became CTO. I was in charge of building the enterprise distributed search engine called Sedue.

Visiting Researcher

Argonne National Laboratory

Jun 2006 – Aug 2011 Chicago, Illinois, USA

I was a master degree computer science student at University of Tokyo, but at the same time, was a visting researcher for MCS (Mathematics and Computer Science) Division of Argonne National Laboratory, working on HPC (High Performance Computing).

My research topic was how to handle large volume of data (~petabytes) with the large-scale super computer. Argonne had a super computer IBM BlueGene/P, and I was working on the projects below to explore building the the world’s fastest computing and storage system:

My supervisors were:


Student - Computer Science (Bachelor, Master)

School of Science, The University of Tokyo

Apr 2004 – Mar 2010 Tokyo, Japan

I majored in Computer Science at The University of Tokyo, working on HPC (High Performance Computing). My supervisors were Yutaka Ishikawa and Hiroya Matsuba.

I have received an incentive student award, and later was recognized as a distinguished alumni.