Boards, Angel & VC Investments

My/Our Value

I can share failures and pitfalls to avoid, based on my experience of building a global $100m ARR B2B SaaS business as Co-Founder/CTO - Treasure Data.

Investment Thesis

I’m not an investor in general, but ocassionally invest for people I’d like to work with. I often invest with my business partner Hiro Yoshikawa to maximize our values.

1. Team

I much prefer the company who has multiple founders, knowing how hard it is to build a great company.

2. Areas of Interests

  • B2B (I don’t understand B2C), ESG, D&I
  • My focuses / specialities are Data, SaaS and Customer Experience.
  • I can not help CDP (Customer Data Platform) and Marketing Data Analytics company due to non-compete with Treasure Data, Inc.

3. Global Distribution

I’d like to help companies who’s solution can be distributed globally, not locally.

4. Check Size

My usual check size is 25k-50k USD for the angel investments, and 250k-500k USD for the funds.

5. Stage

I prefer to help at the pre-revenue stage. The company with $10m+ valuation is not very attractive for me, given my check size.

List of External Boards (Alphabetical Order)

  • Idein - “Enabling Software to Utilize Any Physical-World Data”

List of Angel Investments (Alphabetical Order)

  • Calyptia - “Enterprise Fluentd / Fluent Bit”
  • DataFalcon - “Building more sustainable society through data”
  • Diarkis - “Massive Multiplayer Applications For All”
  • Divercity - “Connecting underrepresented professionals with diverse-minded companies”
  • Dyad - “Healthcare Operations AI”
  • FanFare - “Vertical SaaS for the Waste Industry”
  • Genus AI - “AI-based Creative Generation & Prediction”
  • Immerss - “Live commerce lives here”
  • Lazuli - “Organize & Democratize Product Data”
  • Republi9 - Tokyo Vegan Gyoza - “Happiness in a Wrap”
  • Rill Data - “Operational analytics made easy”

… and a few other stealth startups.

List of Funds (Alphabetical Order)