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NRF 2020: Tailor the in-store engagement using true 360 customer profile

A successful digital transformation in retail is driven by customer data. Godiva will share their vision on delivering personalized …


Rise 2019: Leveraging big data for big success

Michelle Yeo, Kazuki Ohta and Shelly Banjo

If data is the new oil, it is paramount businesses can refine it effectively to create …

Forbes Japan 2019: The background of Arm's big M&A



Mbed Connect 2018: Developers for the Data-First Era

IoTの課題は数多く挙げられますが、煎じ詰めればただ1つ。すなわち「データから実利をどう生み出すか」です。この現実を踏まえたとき、エンジニアは今後、その守備範囲が組み込み・制御系であれ、Web・アプリ系、業務系であれ、 “データファースト”で物事を考えることが求められる …


The Startup Tapes #11: No English, but a Few Friends & a Lot of Talent: Moving to Silicon Valley as a Foreign Founder

Five years ago Kazuki Ohta didn’t speak English, yet it was obvious to him that his startup had to happen in the US. He and his …

Big Data Day LA 2016: Fluentd and Embulk - Collect More Data, Grow Faster

Since Doug Cutting invented Hadoop and Amazon Web Services released S3 ten years ago, we've seen quite a bit of innovation in …

2015 Treasure Data wants to be your one database

Treasure Data is designed to be easy for engineers and responsive to product managers and data scientists, says CTO Kazuki Ohta. …

How Fluentd Can Help Monitor Microservice Architectures Through Unified Logging

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, Treasure Data Open Source Developer Eduardo Silva and Treasure Data CTO Kazuki Ohta sat …

DEMO Traction Boston 2019: Big Data & Analytics

Treasure Data is designed to be easy for engineers and responsive to product managers and data scientists. All of your data in a single …


AERA: 日本人は自分をエストニア人と思え?米で起業時の助言

窮屈な日本を飛び出して、シリコンバレーで成功を夢見て働く日本人がいる。 ビッグデータ関連のクラウドサービスを提供する「トレジャーデータ」は、グーグルと同じマウンテンビューに本社を構える。日米にオフィスを持ち、社員数は現在50人。成長軌道に乗りかけているところだ。


@IT: Hadoopとの出会いが転機に~トレジャーデータCTO 太田一樹氏インタビュー


同社が提供す … シリコンバレーの技術者集団”ではトレジャーデータを見誤る



CEO芳川裕誠氏の家のベランダと熱海の温泉で始まった会社の起業物語やサービスのポイント …

Hadoop Conference Japan 2013 Winter: Hadoop meets Cloud with Multi-tenancy

Treasure Data provides Hadoop-based Big Data infrastructure on the cloud. Launched at 2012, Treasure Data imports 75 billion records …


MongoDB SV User Group: Fluentd loves MongoDB

Recently, I gave a presentation at MongoDB Silicon Valley User Group titled “Fluentd loves MongoDB”.

For those who don’t know what …