Boards, Angel & VC Investments - 2018

List of External Boards (Alphabetical Order)

  • Idein - “Enabling Software to Utilize Any Physical-World Data”

List of Angel Investments (Alphabetical Order)

List of Funds (Alphabetical Order)

Investment Thesis

I’m not an investor in general, but ocassionally invest for people I’d like to work with. I often invest with my business partner Hiro Yoshikawa to maximize our values.

1. Team

I much prefer the company who has multiple founders, knowing how hard it is to build a great company.

2. Areas of Interests

  • B2B, I don’t understand B2C.
  • My focuses / specialities are Data, SaaS and Customer Experience.
  • I can not help CDP (Customer Data Platform) and Marketing Data Analytics company due to non-compete with Treasure Data, Inc.

3. Global Disribution

I’d like to help companies who’s solution can be distributed globally, not locally.

4. Check Size

My usual check size is 25k-50k USD for the angel investments, and 250k-500k USD for the funds.

5. Stage

I prefer to help at the pre-revenue stage. The company with $10m+ valuation is not very attractive for me, given my check size.

My/Our Value

I/We can share failures and pitfalls to avoid, based on my experience of building a global $100m ARR B2B SaaS business - Treasure Data.